Corporate Profile

Art Plumbing Company was established as a small service contractor in Atlanta in 1919, making it the oldest continually operating plumbing company in the state. Over the past 90 years Art Plumbing has grown to employ over 250 people, and with average annual revenues in the $40 million range. The company is currently located in a facility spanning 32,000 square feet, located in Smyrna Georgia.

Today, Art Plumbing successfully completes single plumbing–only contracts with values in excess of $15 million, and continues to direct dedicated and focused attention to the thousands of smaller projects and service work upon which the company has built its reputation.

Our company has specialized in healthcare and laboratory construction for over twenty-five years. In fact, Art Plumbing processed over $150 million in healthcare-related projects in just the last five years. Our dedicated professionals perform only plumbing work, and are licensed to work in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina. The majority of our operations are in our home state of Georgia.

Most Art Plumbing projects are awarded during the schematic or design-development phase of project development, based on a qualifications or “best value” type of selection criteria.

As a result of many and lasting relationships the Art Plumbing organization has developed with local clients, our approach to delivering value has evolved in a unique way. This approach involves integration as a team member with clients, business partners and end users throughout the design and construction process, to deliver the most cost effective solutions and highest value systems… Systems that will provide many years of trouble-free service to the end user.

We believe Art Plumbing stands apart from competitors on the following basis:

1) Trade Specialization

Today, the size and complexity of certain projects demands separate subcontractor dedication to the management of the plumbing scope of work.

Art Plumbing professionals are often paired with local mechanical (HVAC) contractors on large or technically complex projects by Owners or General Contractors who have noted the value our organization adds to a trade that is often merely an afterthought for many combination shops. Because Art Plumbing only performs the plumbing portion of division 15, we are able to devote all of our time and resources to becoming the absolute best in the field.

2) Market Specialization

Art Plumbing has specialized in the Healthcare/Laboratory market sector for more than 25 years. The company is clearly the dominating plumbing subcontractor in the local market, with business awards easily tripling the volume of closest competitors. Art Plumbing management and field installers are very familiar with the types of specialized construction required in this market. As a result, there is no ‘learning curve’ involved. More than 80% of the company’s annual volume is related to healthcare and laboratory construction. Art Plumbing has successfully completed over $150 million in healthcare and laboratory related projects over the past five years.

3) Pre-Construction and Teamwork Experience

Over 75% of the company’s volume is procured via the negotiated ‘early GMP’ approach. Local General Contractors and Owners rely on Art Plumbing’s proven pre-construction skills to deliver projects ahead of schedule and under budget. Skilled in the team environment application, our professionals approach each project with confidence the input they provide during the schematic and design development phases will directly contribute to a successful project.

4) Human Capital

Art Plumbing employs the absolute best, most qualified professionals in our trade, both in the office and in the field. Because Art Plumbing only performs plumbing work, the most talented professionals in the trade are eventually hired – and retained – by our firm.

5) Safety

Art Plumbing is an established industry leader in the field concerning safety. This is evidenced by the company’s consistent low EMR rates.

Art Plumbing has develops and instills in its employees a proactive attitude about safety. Our foremen conduct weekly meetings on all jobsites to analyze and discuss best practice safety parameters. Each meeting emphasizes a process of constant evaluation and constant improvement. The company utilizes trade specific programs (as published by MCAA) to educate our work force on specific, real world risk situations to which Art Plumbing professionals are exposed on a daily basis.

We understand that a safe work culture may only be achieved by consistent effort and active involvement of the company’s leadership. While the incentive for maintaining a safe worksite lies with our various crew foreman, Art Plumbing recognizes the fundamental basis of any safety program starts with individual responsibility. Safety orientation and awareness are cornerstone requirements of our new hire orientation process for every classification of worker from Helper to General Foreman.

Art Plumbing Company employs a full-time, 100% dedicated Quality Control / Safety Manager whose sole responsibility is to work with our office and field manager to assure that our collective best practices concerning safety and quality are implemented on every jobsite.

6) Financial Strength

The company has the financial strength to process projects spanning almost any size. Art Plumbing has been a profitable enterprise for more than 90 years, with a strong financial statement and tremendous untapped bonding capacity. The company has processed single ‘plumbing-only’ contracts of over $15 million. Most local projects – even large projects – are not bonded due to Art Plumbing’s ‘blue-chip’ reputation in the local construction market.

7) Client Satisfaction

The reason Art Plumbing has grown to the top of the field is simple: above all else, the company focuses its efforts on achieving total customer satisfaction. Most of our volume is via repeat awards. Art Plumbing has worked continually on some local hospital and university campuses for over 25 years. Please take time to contact our references. We are confident they will provide very favorable reports. By applying our focus on customer satisfaction to your project, we look forward to having you as one of our valued clients as well.